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What Applicant have to say about UAE Visa Service

ابوالفضل سلیمان سهرابی (Iran | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
12-04-2018 (22:15)

حالین ٤اليوم مافي الجهاز تأشيرة

محمد أنس الحلبي (Syria | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
12-04-2018 (08:10)


UVILA EBRAHIM NASSER (India | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
12-04-2018 (00:18)

thank u it was very helpful

Ninshaba Asiat Munyawera Kiboneire (Uganda | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
11-04-2018 (19:57)

I had applied late for my Ugandan housemaid to accompany my family from Oman to Dubai. I emailed your team and asked kindly if they could process my application through quickly. Your team were highly efficient and kept me d continually, expressing that they would constantly try their best to fulfill my needs. I had a great result with my visa being issued early and I am truly very greatful for the professional, friendly and competent service I have received. I look forward to using it again in the future. The lady who was kindly assisting me, was Saasha and is a credit to your service. Kindest regards, Mr. Paul Darcy

SALEH BIN ABRI (Yemen | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
10-04-2018 (10:21)

5 star

Naomi Fernandes (South Africa | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
10-04-2018 (06:21)

very good

Maheder Tesfay Tadassa (Ethiopia | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
10-04-2018 (00:49)

Very prompt service. I have gotten UAE visa approvals within 24hrs. This website delivers on the business model of under promise and over deliver. This has allowed planning of a DUBAI holiday a success. Thank you!!

Siraj Zeidan (Lebanon | 30 Days Visa (Single Entry))
09-04-2018 (04:05)

the stuff worked in efficient way. full support and continuous follow up.

Ian Huntly (South Africa | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
09-04-2018 (02:36)

One of the most efficient and easy to use visa applications I have used.

Jacques Feghali (Lebanon | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
08-04-2018 (23:22)

I felt there was a good follow up to clarify some information.