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What Applicant have to say about UAE Visa Service

Hossam Masri (Lebanon | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
08-06-2017 (01:21)


Sardar noman rashid Khan (Pakistan | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
06-06-2017 (18:16)

Very good and easy way to get visa very happy .

LEO ROBERTO LEIMAN (Brazil | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
06-06-2017 (10:24)

I was really positivelly surprised with the Service to obtain a visa with new technology.Very convenient.Great Service.Congratulations .

John Nasrallah (Egypt | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
06-06-2017 (06:36)

The best service I traveled to 25 countries and always it yake time and effort to complete and collect the documents and go yo the embassy towice .God bless UAE

Jeremiah Ngwenya (South Africa | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
05-06-2017 (13:23)

I was kept informed through out the process and this gives confidence and peace of mind. Any missing information was promptly requested and this avoided any delays.

Marcela Santos (Chile | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
05-06-2017 (05:49)

Great service!!!

May Raquel Estaniel (Philippines | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
04-06-2017 (22:59)

The online visa application, processing and issuance is a fantastic service! Very convenient and easy to follow. Well done!

ايمان الحمداني (Iraq | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
04-06-2017 (10:19)

خدمه ممتازه وسريعه

Martha Manabat De Leon (Philippines | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
03-06-2017 (04:01)

Thanks to Jane and Andrew for expediting the visa for us and we were so anxious on getting the visa as we were leaving the night itself. Really my sincere thanks to the team who went all out to assist on this matter! Kudos to you!

Silvia Koller (Brazil | 14 Days Visa (Single Entry))
02-06-2017 (11:10)